Best Baby Books for Knitting

Baby knits are one of my favourite things to knit. The variety and designs are endless and each project is usually fairly quick to complete. The end result is always cute and, when given as a gift, there is always appreciation for the work and result. 

Getting a new baby knitting book is always exciting, I never know which project I want to do first and spend ages going back and forth through the book trying to decide. 

These are the most popular baby knitting books available in our shop:

Number One

Image of cover of baby knitting pattern book featuring a baby with a knitted blue hoodie

This collection includes two simple blanket designs along with the hoodie featured on the cover, jacket and cardigans with retro pants. There is also a super cute selection of hats, mitts and booties to finish off any of the outfits. The sizes go from premature to 18 months and are knitted in DK yarn. Buy

Number Two

Image of cover of baby knitting pattern book featuring a baby wearing a cute pink hat with ears

The first of the three newborn knitting books, this collection is knitted in cottonsoft DK yarn, making them perfect for cooler months. Cottonsoft DK comes in a range of baby pastels and bright colours. Garter stitch features a lot in this collection and the designs include a cute duffle coat along with a selection of jacket, cardigans, blankets, hats, mitts and booties. Buy

Number Three

Image of the cover of a baby knitting pattern book featuring a baby with a hat with ears and whiskers

Baby Book 4, the most popular of the collection and it's not hard to see why. The cover features the cutest hat with a lovely short sleeve cardigan knitted in moss stitch. As with all baby knitting collections, the designs feature a mix of traditionally boy and girl designs with some unisex options too. And, while the designs go up to 7 years, some of them are definitely more for babies and newborns. Book 4 features a mix of designs knitted in different weights of yarn, including Aran wool, making it a great year round knitting book. Buy

Number Four

Image of cover of knitting pattern book 8 for babies featuring a baby wearing a blue biker style knitted jacket

This collection is great for toddlers and young children, unlike some of the books it doesn't include preemie sizes. The designs are bright and fun, particularly the taxi themed outfits with matching blanket. The designs can be mixed and matched, the dungarees making a great outfit with the taxi hoodie. Knitted in DK yarn, there are projects for beginners and more experienced knitters. Buy

Number Five

Image of cover of baby knitting book 5 featuring a baby wearing a striped hoodie with ears on the hood

This collection is knitted in cotton and bamboo cotton DK yarns and features a great choice of more traditional knits that are great for special occasions. Lots of different style cardigans and jackets for boys and girls with matching hats and booties, there are 35 knits to knit your way through. Buy

Number six

Image of cover of baby knitting book 7 featuring a baby wearing a knitted green dress and pink tiara

This is my favourite of King Cole's Baby Book series. I love the outfits and have knitted the biker-style jacket. These knits are for newborn babies up to 7 years and are knitted in DK yarn. The designs are modern and trendy and feature cardigans and jackets as well as sweaters and hoodies with some great hats and bootees to match. There's even a princess tiara to knit. Buy

Number Seven

Image of cover of baby knitting pattern book featuring a baby wearing a green cardigan with collar

A fantastic collection of baby cardigans that start at preemie size and go up to 2 years. There are 11 cardigans and jackets to knit with a mix of traditional gender designs and unisex options. All knitted in DK yarn. Buy

Number Eight

Image of cover of baby knitting pattern book featuring a sleeping baby in a knitted jacket with a knitted blanket in white yarn

The blanket featured on the front of this collection is one of my favourites to knit. There's a lot of knitting up because each square is knitted separately, but the end result is worth it. This collection features an amazing selection of 19 traditional baby knits including a baby dress, blankets, hats and booties, shoes, jacket and cardie, sweater and matinee coat. All the designs are knitted in 2, 3 or 4 ply yarns. Buy

Number Nine

Image of cover of baby knits knitting pattern book featuring a baby wearing a cardigan with lace effect panel on the back

A collection of 14 beautiful baby clothes to knit in DK yarn. This book is shorter than the others in this top 10, but the designs are just as beautiful and it includes options for beginners and experienced knitters. The projects include cardigans, jumpers or sweaters, waistcoats and slipovers which can be mixed and matched to create different outfits. Buy

Number Ten

Image of cover of King Cole Baby Book 6 knitting pattern book featuring a baby with a green knitted jacket and blue and red hat

This is a year round knitting book with designs for newborn babies up to children age 7. Some of the patterns are perfect for winter and are knitted in merino and alpaca DK yarns. The others are knitted in bamboo and cotton and make perfect cool summer outfits. There are lots of options to choose from with matching accessories to knit too. Buy

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