Best Hat Knitting Patterns

Hats are fun to knit, there are so many designs to choose from that they can become quite addictive. There are options for all types and weights of wool. If you are a beginner, a chunky baby hat is the perfect place to start. You can also get creative with colour and pompoms, creating contrasting colourways and unique patterns. The possibilities are endless.

These are the top 10 knitted hat patterns currently in my store:

Number one 

Image of knitting pattern cover showing knitted Aran hats for children in six designs

Six hats to knit in Aran yarn for kids. This pattern comes in three sizes - 1-3, 4-6 and 7-9 year. I love this pattern, it has options for girls, boy and unisex. The slouchy beanie is super simple. The helmet is trickier because it is knitted in pieces. I loved the cable pompom hat and felt it turned out the best of all the ones I've tried. I used King Cole's Comfort Aran because it is a little softer than some Aran wools and so it is less scratchy and coarse, which is perfect for younger kids. Buy 

Number two

Image of knitting pattern cover showing six baby hats to knit in chunky yarn 

It's not surprising that this is such a popular knitting pattern. The hats are knitted in chunky yarn, so they are ridiculously quick to knit and look great. I've knitted the Teddy Bear and Slouchy Ribbed hats in King Cole's Baby Comfort Chunky yarn. So far I've stuck to baby colours - cream and pale pink - but I think these hats would look fab in bright, bold colours. The pattern has five sizes - 0-6, 6-9 and 9-12 months, 1-2 and 3-5 years. I started with the smallest sizes and I would recommend them for beginners. If you are learning to knit, this is the type of pattern that can help you progress. Start with the plain hats and, as you grow in confidence and skill, progress so some of the more complicated ones. Buy 

Number three

Image of knitting pattern cover showing 4 hats and 2 scarves to knit in Aran yarn for all the family

An Aran hat knitting pattern for all the family, it also includes a couple of scarves to knit. I have knitted all four hats in the men's or kids sizes. They grow surprising quickly and all the recipients loved the end result. The scarves are more involved and more complicated with cabling, so they are best for experienced knitters but, as with most hat knitting patterns, this is one that has something for all levels of knitter so you can progress to the more difficult ones as you learn. The pattern has 4 sizes - men, women and kids ages 7-9 and 10-12. Buy 

Number four

Image of knitting pattern cover showing five hats to knit in chunky yarn for ladies

Chunky hats are fun to knit, they are quick to finish and chunky yarn comes in so many colours and types. This pattern is particularly popular in my store. There are some great options to choose from including stockinette stitch and some interesting textures created with a mix of garter and purl stitches. The Half Fisherman's Rib creates a thick, warm hat, but I do find this stitch can be hard work as it grows at half the rate of the other hats! I am an impatient knitter. The textured stripes and honeycomb patterns are my favourite but the stockinette stitch with the big pompom offers more opportunity to get creative with colour combos. Buy 

Number five

Image of knitting pattern with hat, snood and mitts to knit in chunky yarn for girls ages 4-12 years

There are two designs in this pattern - Irish Moss Stitch and cable. I know Irish Moss Stitch as Double Moss Stitch, completed over four rows rather than two. I knitted the Irish Moss Stitch set in two tones of purple and they looked great. The chunky yarn knits up so quickly and King Cole's Comfort chunky yarn is so soft to work with and feels cosy to wear. The pattern includes 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12 year old sizes. Buy 

Number six

Image of knitting pattern with hat and scarf sets to knit in DK yarn for men

I love this set, particularly the tricolour design in the navy with grey and orange contrasts. The brown (koala) set is simpler for beginner knitters and has a lovely, simple but classic texture. A great option for wearing with a suit or dressed smartly, but also works as a casual scarf. The hat is a slouchy beanie and looks great on. Buy 

Number seven

Image of knitting pattern with hats and bootee sets to knit in DK yarn for babies

This is quite a traditional pattern, it reminds me of patterns I knitted when I was younger. I knitted the yellow set, it took me a few attempts to get the pattern set, but the effort was worth it. This pattern is good if you are new to knitting, the pink set is so simple, even the bootees are straightforward. There are so many great DK yarns available that you could have lots of fun knitting all the sets in different colours. Buy

Number eight

Image of knitting pattern with five hats and a scarf to knit for women in super chunky yarn

Ladies super chunky hats that are quick and simple to knit. There is also a scarf which looks extra warm and cosy, almost like a wrap or a blanket! Hat D is my favourite, but I found the two colour knitting was tricky and I didn't like the result. I knitted the garter stitch one, but I knitted the rib much deeper so it could be turned back. It creates a slightly different look and I think it would be a good option for hat C too. Buy 

Number nine

Image of knitting pattern cover with five baby hats to knit in DK yarn

One of my favourite all-time baby patterns is a Peter Gregory pattern. I find them to be easy to knit and traditional. This selection of baby hats doesn't disappoint. The beanies - featured in pink and stripes - are easy to knit. The bonnet is a good option if you are new to lace. I need to improve my two colour knitting before I attempt the spotty one, but I do like the tassel as an alternative to a pompom as the finishing touch. Buy

Number ten

Image of knitting pattern cover with five hats to knit for ladies including fruit themed and bucket hat options

There's so much to love about this pattern. Bucket hats are very on trend at the moment and this pattern offers garter stitch and stockinette stitch options and both are good for beginners. The pineapple and watermelon also take the shape of a bucket hat, with an added element of fun. I'm less keep on the brim of the strawberry hat, but you might be able to mix and match with one of the other hats if you feel the same way.  Buy

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