Favourite Baby Knits

When I started knitting, after mastering dishcloths, I knitted baby clothes. Lots and lots of baby clothes. In fact, it was a stock of baby clothes with no babies to gift them to that led me to launch my Etsy store and, eventually, this store. 

Why are baby knits so great? They are cute, usually quite quick to knit and offer options for all knitting abilities. Giving the gift of a hand-knitted item to celebrate the birth of a new baby means it is unique and a great expression of love. 

My favourite baby cardigan is an old Emu pattern that is now out of print. But, these top 10 best sellers in my store are also fun to knit and most of them are great for beginners - numbers 1-4, 6 and 10 are the ones to go for if you are new to knitting. Number 9 is also a great option if you omit the more challenging details.

Number one 

Knitting pattern image of two tone cardigan

A two tone cardigan knitted in DK cotton yarn. I tend to knit the colourway on the cover, but there are some lovely colour options in the King Cole Cottonsoft and Cottonsoft candy ranges. When I knitted this pattern the first time, I wasn't happy with the finish on the garter stitch sections. It felt and looked loose and a bit shapeless. The next time, I focused on knitting the garter stitch a little tighter and the result was much better. Buy

Number two 

Knitting pattern image of six baby hats in chunky yarn

A selection of six baby hats to knit in chunky yarn. This is a lovely soft baby yarn and the hats are so simple to knit. Because you are knitting them in chunky yarn, they are super quick to make. 

The teddy bear hat is my favourite, but I don't like sewing on the ears.

I've also knitted the beanie in rib (top left). It is the best option if are a beginner knitter. There's no pompom and minimal shaping. The beanie can be worn in two ways - as pictured or with the edge folded back to give a snugger fit.


Number three

Knitting pattern image of cardigans and hat in chunky yarn

Another chunky option that is quick and easy to knit up. This pattern comes with a selection of items so you can knit a whole outfit if you would like. I knitted the cardigan on the cover and used the recommended Comfort Chunky yarn in cream. The result was OK, but I found it to be a little shapeless and my knitting looked a bit loose. I love the speed of chunky yarn, but I prefer the finish of DK. Buy

Number four

Knitting pattern image of two baby blankets with bunnies
Two blankets to knit in Comfort DK yarn. This is the most popular baby blanket in my store, probably because it is so cute. I have knitted the darker pink version, but instead of the rabbits, I used a contrasting DK yarn and worked the initial of the baby I was gifting it to. Buy

Number five

Knitting pattern image of baby cardigans knitted in aran yarn

 Selection of unisex clothes in Aran yarn. Cable is a really popular trend at the moment. The blue cardigan and matching hat is my favourite in both colour and pattern. Buy

Number six

Knitting pattern image of baby clothes

 Coming in at number six, this is easily my favourite pattern in this top ten. I love the style, the colour combos and the effect you get from King Cole's Cherish DK yarn. The contrast (plain) colours are knitted in Cherished yarn. Buy

Number seven 

Knitting pattern image of multi-colour all-in-one for babies

 A great all-in-one pattern with matching socks. The picot edge is straightforward to knit and the socks are too cute. I like the matching cardigan, but I always opt for the suit and socks. The stripe effect always gets comments, I feel like a bit of a fraud when I have to admit it was the wool, not me. Buy

Number eight 

Knitting pattern image of baby clothes and blanket

Not dissimilar to the top seller, this pattern has everything - traditional raglan, popular cables and a matching blanket. This pattern is a little more challenging than the top seller. This design also mixes garter and stocking stitch but the cable panel adds a layer of difficulty. Knitted in cotton DK yarn. Buy

Number nine

Knitting pattern image of baby cardigan and sweater with matching hat

 I love this pattern, the colour combo is really striking and the mini pompoms give an unusual finish.

This is the only Sirdar pattern currently in my best seller list, which is surprising because their patterns are great quality and Snuggly DK wool is one my favourite baby yarns. The colour range is great and it's lovely to knit with.

The hat with contrasting pompom is my favourite and I knit it without doing the cardigan or sweater. 

If you are a beginner, you could knit this pattern and omit the contrast stripes and pompoms.



Number ten

Knitting pattern image of chunky baby clothes
It wasn't a surprise to see another chunky pattern in the top 10. This is so simple to knit and the mix and match options - short and long sleeves, stripes and plain - mean it will become your favourite last minute knit. After the hats (number two) it's probably the easiest option if you are a beginner. Buy

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