Great Knitting Patterns For Men

I'm really excited about a new knitting pattern book that's arrived in my store. It's a fantastic selection of projects for men from Sirdar. Classic but trendy, there are so many great designs to choose from. Every couple of years I knit a jumper for my dad for his birthday or Christmas. He loves receiving them and wears them every day. I love knitting them just as much, and I enjoy searching for the perfect pattern and wool. But, there's never a huge amount of choice. The best part about knitting for my dad is that I've always sat and knitted it in front of him, he asks no questions and, when he opens it he doesn't realise he's been watching me knit it for weeks (or months)! It's become a bit of a family joke and he always sees the funny side too. 

These are the top selling patterns for men in my store, and I've added a link to the new collection at the bottom. 

Number One

Image of cover of knitting pattern featuring four hats and two scarves knitted in Aran yarn for men

It doesn't surprise me that this is the most popular men's knitting pattern that I sell. The sizes include women and kids, so they are unisex designs, despite what you might think from the cover. I've knitted all four hats and they were simple to knit and well received when I gave them as gifts. The top left design with the cable pattern was more difficult but if you have some experience it will be fine. Buy

Number Two

Image of knitting pattern cover featuring a jumper and waistcoat or vest for men knitted in super chunky yarn

I love this pattern. Knit a sweater in a week. It's the perfect project if you are impatient and want to see things finish. Because it's knitting in super bulky yarn, it is so warm and cosy to wear. I've knitted two jumpers for my dad and he loves to wear them in our cold Scottish winters. So quick to knit and a great range of colours to choose from. This is an easy knit pattern that is perfect if you are a beginner or don't have a lot of experience. Buy

Number Three

Image of knitting pattern showing hat and scarf sets to knit in DK yarn for men

Simple, stylish designs that are really easy to knit. The hardest part is the pompom! The tricolour set looks really good when knitted, I used the colour combo in the pattern but you, with DK wool, the possible combos are endless. The koala set has a beautiful texture and is a smaller finished weight. These are great sets for men who don't like bulky, super warm winter accessories but like to look good and want to wear a hat or scarf. Buy

Number Four

Image of knitting pattern cover featuring a man in a V neck cricket sweater and a boy in a slipover

This is a popular knitting pattern for cricket lovers. The pattern covers sizes from boys to men, so you can knit it again and again. It's a classic design that is knitted in light worsted or DK yarn. Choose from a traditional V neck sweater or sleeveless slipover. Buy

Number Five

Image of knitting pattern cover showing a man and woman in Aran sweaters

Aran knitting patterns feature heavily in any collection of men's knitwear. This traditional, all over cable design with raglan sleeves can be knitted for him and her. The design looks great in the traditional light coloured Aran wool but I really like the blue options too. This pattern recommends Hayfield Bonus Aran with Wool, one of my favourite Aran yarns to knit with and available in a fab range of colours. Buy

Number Six

Image of knitting pattern cover showing a man wearing a Christmas jumper with a sheep on the front wearing a Santa hat and saying Baa Humbug

Not exactly a fashion statement, but a lot of fun. Perfect for Christmas jumper day and a great way to celebrate without adding to landfill. An eco friendly Christmas sweater that is fun to knit and wear. Not for beginners, it is best to have some experience of knitting with multiple colours before you tackle this one. I speak from experience! Buy

Number Seven

Image of knitting pattern cover featuring a man wearing a V neck Aran sweater and a woman in a round neck matching design

I love this sweater and the three collar options make it versatile and great for knitting again and again. I'm keen to knit another Aran and I'm torn between this one and the pattern at number five in this list. I like the fact that this one has sizes ranging from kids to adults and it is unisex. Buy

Number Eight

Image of knitting pattern cover featuring a man in a red Aran jumper and a boy in a blue Aran hoodie

Another Aran knitting pattern, but this time it includes a hoodie design. This is a great pattern for boys who like to wear their dad's clothes! Knit one for each of them because they are the same but the hoodie and round neck options create points of difference. This is a really stylish sweater and could be unisex if you wanted. Buy

Number Nine

Image of cover of knitting pattern for men's aran jumper with drop or raglan sleeve

This one is next of my list to knit for my dad. Aran jumpers are so warm and worth the extra effort it takes to knit one. I really like the way this pattern offers inset and raglan sleeve options. When cabling, inset sleeves are generally more straightforward, but I like the finished look on the raglan option in this pattern. Buy

Number Ten

Image of knitting pattern cover showing DK yarn sweater with cable pattern, features a men's option and striped boy's design

Perfect for dad and son. And, if you aren't a fan of matching clothes, this pattern can be knitted in different ways to create different looks. The colourways on the pattern cover are a great example of how the same pattern can look completely different. I love the stripes on the boy's sweater. Knitted in double knitting (light worsted) wool but with a cable design that looks like Aran. Buy

New Collection

Image of cover of Sirdar knitting pattern book featuring a collection of knits for men

This collection is currently inspiring me to take on a bigger knit again. I do lots of small Christmas decorations and have a few things on the go for me too. It's been a while since I knitted for my dad and this collection has me spoiled for choice. Buy

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