My Favourites from the Sirdar Festival Collection

This summer Sirdar has released a fantastic collection of knit and crochet projects in their Stories cotton acrylic DK yarn. The shades are bright and bold, with loads of colours to choose from. They are perfectly matched with the projects and I think they are inspiring. My favourites are all crochet patterns but I'm a knitter. But, they have beginner options so this might be the summer I finally make an effort to properly learn to crochet. I know the basic stitches, but increasing and decreasing is something I still have to master and my tension isn't even.

If you are looking for inspiration this summer and a project you can wear, then look no further. These are my favourite 10 (5 crochet and 5 knitting):

Crowd Surf Sweater

Image of cover of Crowd Surf Sweater crochet pattern

Far and away my favourite of all the designs. I love the colours and the contrast between the Granny Squares and stripes. I keep looking at this pattern with longing but I think I need to start with something a bit simpler. This is aimed at intermediate crocheters. Other colour combos are suggested in the pattern, but the white base shows off the design and colours best. This pattern is also available with all the yarn you need to create the white version. Buy the pattern or the pattern + yarn

Glampsite Vest

Image of cover of Glampsite Vest crochet pattern

This is the type of vest you could get addicted to crocheting. The colour combos are endless although I do really like the one on the cover - Embers is the base colour and the stripes are crocheted in After Glow and Sunseekers. This is another intermediate design, so some experience of crocheting will get the best results. I think you could make this to wear at any time of year, it would look great with a shirt or other base layer for the colder months. The pattern is available with the yarn in the Embers, After Glow and Sunseeker colour combo. Buy the pattern or the pattern + yarn

Coat’chella Jacket

Image of cover of Coat'chella Jacket crochet pattern

This is easily the most popular pattern from the Festival range in my shop. It's easy to see why - the Granny Squares create a unique design that will stand out at Festivals and on the beach. It's a great option for a beach wrap. I love it, but I don't think I'd have the patience to make it and I'm certain it wouldn't suit me. But if you can crochet quickly and don't get bored easily then this is a great project to get stuck into. And, it's classified as 'Easy' so great for beginners. Buy

Hoodstock Hoodie

Image of cover of Hoodstock Hoodie crochet pattern

Another popular pattern, the Hoodstock Hoodie makes a great beach wrap. But it looks equally good with jeans or shorts. An ideal lightweight layer to add to your summer outfit. It's also an 'Easy' project which makes it great for beginners. I might just be tempted to give it a go.... Buy

Sunflower Bucket Hat

Image of cover of Sunflower Bucket Hat crochet pattern

The final crochet pattern in my top 10 and another 'Easy' option. This hat is bright and colourful, with different colourway options. The yellow base is easily my favourite, yellow brightens up my day. I suspect the wavy brim is perfect for hiding beginner's mistakes meaning that anyone can give this hat a go. The pattern is available with the yarn to create the yellow. Buy the pattern or the pattern + yarn

Sing Along Stripe Dress

Image of cover of Singalong Stripe Dress knitting pattern

There are two styles of stripe dresses to knit in the Festival Collection, but this one is my favourite. I prefer the neckline and I like the straps on the back. It's in intermediate knit but looks like it is worth the effort. Although, I'm not sure about sewing all those stripes together! Buy

Headliner Stripe Vest

Image of cover of Headliner Stripe Vest knitting pattern

Another intermediate knit with stripes. I like the 'v' detail on this vest, it gives a nice texture and reminds me of knits I used to do when I was younger. I'm not convinced by any of the colour combos, but there are so many colours to choose from I think I'd have fun coming up with my own. This might be a way to get the Glampsite vest look without having to crochet. Buy

Next Big Thing Tassel Tote

Image of cover of Next Big Thing Tassel Tote knitting pattern

Simple, but tricky in the making. This intermediate level cross body bag is a great accessory for summer days out. I feel there might be different ways to trim this bag - pompoms? Piping? - which would give different looks from the same pattern. I'm also intrigued to see how two colour combos might work. Buy

Sundowner Sessions Vest

Image of cover of Sundowner Sessions Vest knitting pattern

I love everything about this vest - the zigzag texture, the drop 'v' back and the neckline. It looks fab in white, but my favourite colour is purple and it looks great in it too. I might have to knit both. It pairs perfectly with jeans, shorts and skirts - particularly denim shorts and skirts. Buy

Top of the Bill Tabard

Image of cover of Top of the Bill Tabard knitting pattern

My final selection is this simple but striking tabard. It's another intermediate knit and would look great over swimwear. The colour options in the pattern are a little more muted than I would go for, but the versatility of the pattern lends itself to any colour. I also like the longer length back and the swing effect you get from the ties being high on the sides. Buy

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