Popular Women's Knitting and Crochet Patterns

I have a stack of knitting patterns I want to knit for myself. So many options and so many great designs. I recently cleared out a lot of clothes and now I'm trying to fill the newly created space with new knits. I have two jumpers on the go and a list of other projects I can't wait to get to.

I'm also determined to learn to crochet and have a pile of crochet patterns that is starting to get quite big! I recently completed my first project - a bucket hat - and have a vest that I'm keen to try next. 

These are the top selling knitting and crochet patterns for women in my store. What will inspire you?

Number One

Image of knitting pattern cover showing a selection of six headbands to knit for girls and women

A range of headbands including easy knit options for beginner knitters and some great cable designs for the more experienced knitter. The pattern includes two designs in double knitting yarn, two in chunky and two in Aran. They don't take a lot of wool so they are great stash-busting projects. Buy

Number Two

Image of knitting pattern cover with five ladies hats to knit in chunky yarn

I have a whole range of hats to knit, my favourites are super chunky patterns but this one, knitted in chunky wool, is the most popular. The textured design (bottom right) knits up really nicely. I knitted it in a bright red and it looked great. There is a good selection in this pattern from cables and textures to plain and simple. Buy

Number Three

Image of cover of ladies super chunky sweater knitting pattern

This is my favourite jumper to knit. You can knit the whole thing in a week and the range of super chunky yarns that is available is amazing. I've knitted three so far and they are comfy and warm to wear. This is an addictive pattern and the perfect first knit for a beginner or someone learning to knit. The pattern includes instructions for a cardigan. Buy

Number Four

Image of cover of ladies summer tops knitting pattern

Another of my favourites and a pattern you could get addicted to with all the fab cotton yarns that you can buy. I've knitted the green top and it was straight forward although I had to concentrate very hard on the sleeves to manage the shaping and keep the pattern right. I think the other option would be better if you were a beginner. This was a great top to wear in the summer and I often wore it to work. Buy

Number Five

Image of cover of ladies lacy summer top knitting pattern

My favourite thing about this pattern is the lace panel on the back. A nice knit for summer. The pattern includes a long sleeve version which is perfect for the turn of the season and cooler evenings. Not for beginners, but also not a particularly difficult pattern to knit. Buy

Number Six

Image of knitting pattern to knit a ladies aran hooded jacket

This is a popular pattern and I enjoyed knitting it. However, having knitted all the cable, I was disappointed with the plain hood. I felt it needed a cable down the middle or something more than just stocking stitch. I knitted this in a brown/orange Aran yarn with flecks and loved the end result. I wore it a lot as a jacket in the Autumn. Buy

Number Seven

Image of cover of knitting pattern with ladies sweater and cardigan in chunky yarn

A lovely, classic cable cardigan or sweater to knit in chunky yarn. I love working with chunky wool because it grows nice and quickly but cable stitches are easier than with super chunky yarn. This cardigan doubles up as a jacket and both look great with jeans, it's easy to see why this is a popular pattern. Buy

Number Eight

Image of crochet pattern featuring a long jacket made from granny squares

Cardigans, jumpers and jackets made from Granny Squares are really popular and trendy at the moment. This is an easy crochet pattern, so a good choice for beginners. The pattern features a number of different colour combos where the main black colour is substituted. It's not difficult to see why this is so popular, there's a lot of work in creating the finished coat, but the effort is worth it. Buy

Number Nine

Image of cover of crochet pattern featuring a ladies sweater created with granny squares and stripes for the arms

This pattern makes me want to keep practising my crochet. I aspire to create this jumper. I love the colours and the granny squares but I think its the striped sleeves that really make this design stand out for me. Its an intermediate design so I've got a way to go before I'm ready to give it a go. Buy

Number Ten

Image of cover of ladies Aran sweater knitting pattern

Another pattern I aspire to create. I love the pattern but my two colour knitting isn't good enough to give this one a go. Knitted in Aran yarn but without the traditional cable pattern. This is knitted in the round, which also intrigues me because I haven't knitted much in the round. A great, popular alternative Aran jumper pattern. Buy


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