Top Aran Knitting Patterns

I love knitting Aran patterns and nowadays there is such a wide range of options from traditional to contemporary. Aran yarns also come in a great selection of colours and textures. Forget the itchy, scratchy jumpers of your youth and discover the new world of rich, soft and warm yarns.

Aran patterns are usually heavily textured with lots of cable stitches creating everything from simple to super detailed designs. Aran knitting patterns are named after the Aran Islands off the west Coast of Ireland, spanning County Galway and County Clare. The most popular Aran patterns are sweaters and cardigans, hats and scarves.

These are the top 10 Aran patterns currently in my store:

Number one 

Image of cover of Aran hats and scarves knitting pattern

At first glance, you would think this is a men-only knitting pattern, but the designs are unisex and the sizes include options for 7-9 and 10-12 year olds as well as women and men. I've knitted all the hats in this pattern and I enjoyed doing them all, but the blue one in the top right corner of the cover image was probably my favourite. Buy

Number two 

Image of baby Aran knitting pattern

This is a great pattern, lots of designs to choose from and Comfort Aran comes in some fantastic, bright and colourful shades. They are fairly simple if you are new to Aran knitting, with only one cable stitch. The hats can also be knitted on their own or to complete an outfit. Buy

Number three 

Cover image of King Cole Aran Book 3 knitting pattern

Aran Book 3 is the final book in the current King Cole Aran knitting book range. It features clothes and accessories for babies and children. Five sizes range from birth to 7 years. The 28 designs have all been created by Sue Batley-Kyle and include full outfits and mix and match options in a range of Aran yarns. Buy

Number four

Cover image of King Cole Aran book 2 knitting pattern 

Aran book 2 is my favourite of the King Cole Aran knitting books. I love the teddy bear hat on the cover image. Sue Batley-Kyle has created a collection of 34 designs for newborn babies to children age 7 years. The accessories in this book are particularly worth a look and there are lots of mix and match outfits to try. Buy

Number five 

Cover image of King Cole Aran book 1 knitting pattern

The only book in the King Cole collection that features 32 designs for all the family. The patterns are all inspired by traditional knits but are fashionable with flattering shapes. I particularly like the selection of accessories in this book and love the natural colours. Some designs inspire me to get colourful, but these ones are perfect for traditional Aran yarns and colours. Buy

Number six

Cover image of kid's Aran hoodies knitting pattern

A cool hoodie with front pocket, just like the ones I loved when I was a kid. This is my favourite kid's Aran hoodie pattern. The James C Brett Rustic and Aztec Aran ranges are recommended for this pattern and they offer a great selection of colours. The wool content in the Rustic makes it lovely and warm. The Aztec range includes Alpaca which makes it warm and soft. Perfect for kids clothes. Buy

Number seven

Cover image of ladies hooded Aran jacket knitting pattern

I knitted this pattern years ago. I think I used King Cole Fashion Aran in a ginger/orange colour. It had flecks through it. The pattern was great to knit and warm and cosy to wear. The only thing I found disappointing was the hood - it felt a little unfinished because it was completely plain and the rest of the jacket had cable. But, it's still a popular pattern and I would knit it again. Buy

Number eight

Cover image of unisex adult Aran sweater knitting pattern

This design has a distinctly Celtic feel to it. Lots and lots of cabling and a raglan sleeve like the traditional Arans of my youth. I feel this pattern would be worth the time and effort. I'm torn between it and the pattern at number ten and expect I'll end up doing them both. This pattern looks particularly striking in the blue and gives a great contemporary feel to a more traditional pattern. Buy

Number nine

Cover image of ladies Aran jumper knitting pattern

I love this design. It is a great example of a contemporary design knitted in Aran weight yarn. The colours in the imae are a great combo and I love the yoke. This pattern is knitted in the round. I would love to knit it, but my two colour knitting isn't quite up to it yet. More practice is needed and this pattern is my motivation. Buy

Number ten

Cover image of Aran jumper knitting pattern for men, women and children

Another classic pattern which looks great in these natural colours but I think they'll look great in some of the bright colours in the Hayfield range - red and purple come to mind. What colour would you go for? I like the fact that you can knit matching but very different styles for all the family. I really like the collar version on the boy in the image. Buy

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