Beautiful Teddies to Knit

I love knitting toys and I particularly like knitting teddies. There are so many to choose from including traditional and more contemporary. Some come with dress up options and they are mostly knitted in yarns that give a furry texture. My favourite is King Cole luxury fur, which is tricky to make up, but I'm finding that using lots (and lots) of stitch markers is making a huge difference. King Cole pattern 9120 is my go-to teddy pattern but I can never just knit one - I have to knit the whole family!

Here are my favourite teddy knits:

Number One

Image of knitting pattern cover showing three teddy bears - daddy (black), mummy (brown) and baby (beige) - in faux fur yarn

This is the best teddy bear pattern I've come across. I find that the yarn doesn't knit up quite as long and fluffy as the picture, but the teddies still look great. Buy

Number Two

Image of knitting pattern cover showing a group of 6 teddy bears in a range of colours from browns to greys

After luxury faux fur yarn, King Cole Truffle is my favourite to work with. It is so soft and gives a lovely traditional finish to teddy bears. Buy

Number Three

Image of knitting pattern cover showing a range of different size and colour teddies knitted in a faux fur Tufty yarn

The great thing about this yarn is it's super chunky weight. Making these teddies quick to knit. They are have a traditional look and are perfect for King Cole's super chunky Tufty yarn. This yarn comes in a range of great, unusual colours that are bright and bold. Buy

Number Four

Image of the cover of Sirdar's The Bear Book knitting pattern collection showing a range of bears dressed up in different outfits

A beautiful collection of bears in two sizes with a range of outfits to mix and match. This is a fun collection of knits where you will want to knit them all! Buy

Number Five

Image of a knitting pattern cover showing a cute teddy in a blue cardigan and white bunny in a pale blue sweater

Although I am more familiar with King Cole yarns, Sirdar do a beautiful range of fur-like yarns in their Snuggly collection. Snuggly yarns are perfect for knitting baby toys and newborn gifts. This teddy is my favourite and the little cardigan is the perfect finishing touch. Buy

Number Six

Image of a knitting pattern cover showing a pink rabbit with floppy ears and a brown teddy with white paws and ears

Sirdar Snuggly Bunny yarn is another very soft, beautiful yarn that is perfect for knitting teddies and toys for newborns and babies. This teddy is knitted in brown white paws and ears, although you could knit it all in one colour if you wanted. Buy

Number Seven

Image of a knitting pattern cover showing a blue bear knitted in a Fair Isle effect yarn

A less traditional option, but cute and fun to knit nonetheless. Sirdar Snuggly Crofter is a soft DK yarn that knits up in a Fair Isle effect. The bear has oversized feet which make his legs floppy. I love this pattern and have knitted it in a few of the Snuggly Crofter colourways. Buy

Number Eight

Image of a knitting pattern cover showing a stripey blanket in navy and light blue stripes. The blanket has a white bear head and paws sewn on to make it look like the bear is sleeping in bed. It also shows a light blue knitted bear toy

This is a great pattern if you love teddy bears. The blanket is finished with the head and paws of a bear and they are attached to make it look as though the bear is tucked up in bed. I love the matching bear, knitted in garter stitch, it has more of a contemporary feel than a lot of the other bears in this list. Buy

Number Nine

Image of a knitting pattern cover showing a very young girl cuddling bunny and bear comforter toys

Not quite teddy bears, but still a great pattern that includes a bear design. These comforter toys are easy to knit and come in cute bear or bunny designs. They are knitted in Sirdar Snuggly yarn, the best yarn I've come across for comforters and baby toys. Buy

Number Ten

Image of cover of knitting pattern book showing two teddy bears dressed as Mr and Mrs Claus

It's a little out-of-season, but this is still a fun book worthy of its place in my top ten. The basic bears have a range of outfits for you to choose from - the traditional Mr and Mrs Claus pictured on the cover - and elves, a snowflake motif sweater with reindeer hat, angel or fairy costume. Buy


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