New In - Sirdar Knitting Patterns

Sirdar have launched a new Super Hero Collection that has lots of fun knits and some crochet designs. There is a great selection of jumpers, but the accessories and dress up patterns are the most fun. Most of the patterns use Swiss darning for the motifs which means the patterns are easier to create and can be knitted (or crocheted) by knitters with only a little experience. 

All patterns in the Collection are for 3-7 year old kids and are knitted in DK yarn. The recommended yarn is Sirdar Snuggly Replay because the colours work perfectly for the designs, but you can work with your own preferred DK yarn, the quantities required might vary slightly.

I've also introduced a couple of super cute short sets for babies - perfect for summer holidays and sunny days.

All patterns are printed on paper and written in English. The images are photos of the patterns and so the quality varies. The printed version is crisp and clear.

Super Hero Sweaters

Image of front of Sirdar knitting pattern showing a boy and a girl wearing super hero themed jumpers with a lightening flash on the front  

Quick as a Flash sweater knitted in three colours, this pattern is a great introduction to the intarsia knitting technique. Intermediate level pattern. 


Image of cover of Sirdar knitting pattern showing a young kit wearing a white sweater with green sleeves and the word 'HERO' in navy on the front

Hero Inside sweater is an easy knit using 3 colours and stocking stitch. The bands are knitted in a contrasting colour, which requires one swap of colour when you change needle size. The text is applied at the end using Swiss darning.


 Image of knitting pattern cover showing a young boy jumping in a Spiderman pose and wearing a black jumper with red web detail around the neck and shoulders

 Super Web sweater - an advanced knitting pattern for knitters with lots of experience. The intricate web pattern across the shoulders and round the neck is striking and unusual, but difficult to knit unless you are experienced in knitting with two colours.


Image of cover of Sirdar knitting pattern showing a young boy leaping. He is wearing a yellow sweater with a cartoon 'POW' on the front

Super POWer sweater It seems impossible that this is an easy knit, but the POW! icon is added once the plain sweater is finished. You use Swiss darning, so it won't be quick but the effort will be worth it.


Image of cover of Sirdar knitting pattern showing a young boy wearing a red and royal blue sweater with a breast pocket with a white 5 pointed start motif

Captain Five Star sweater is another easy sweater. I love the colour blocks and different textures and the badge (added at the end using Swiss darning) is the perfect finishing touch.

Super Hero Clothes

Image of cover of Sirdar knitting pattern showing two young girls wearing colourful tunic dresses. One has a lightening flash motif on the front and the other has a five pointed star

Speed of Light Tunic Easy to knit, the main tunic is knitted in stocking stitch and the bands are knitted in contrasting colours. The motif is added at the end using Swiss darning. You could knit this shorter as more of a vest, although it would have a wide bottom and you might need to place the motif a little higher than pictured.


Image of cover of Sirdar knitting pattern showing a young kid wearing a super hero themed cardigan - red body with yellow trims and royal blue sleeves covered in white five pointed start. The fronts also have white five pointed stars at the bottom

Super Star cardigan is fun and bright and a great project for advanced knitters. The colour combo is striking (although you can create your own) and the star sleeves are my favourite part of this cardigan.

Super Hero Bags and Dress Up

Image of cover of Sirdar knitting pattern showing two kids drawstring backpacks - one featuring five pointed star motifs and the other finished with an initial

Super Gadget bags with two designs - a row of five-pointed stars or add a letter to personalise it for your own superhero. The starts are knitted separately and the initials are added with Swiss darning. The straps are added using the i-cord technique or you could crochet them. 


Image of cover of Sirdar knitting patter 2615 showing a child wearing a vertical stripe super hero cape in blue, red and yellow

Secret Power Cape. No super hero outfit is complete without a secret power cape. This easy knit pattern can be knitted in any colour combo and paired with other designs in the Super Hero Collection. 


Image of cover of Sirdar crochet pattern to crochet a child's colourful hoodie with detachable super hero cape showing a lightening bolt or star

Hero Hoodie and Cape. Easy to crochet kid's hoodie with detachable cape. There are two designs - lightening flash and five-pointed star. These are full body hoodies with front pocket and added cape. Crocheted in any bright, colourful combination of super hero colours. Your super hero won't want to take it off! 


Image of cover of Sirdar knitting pattern 2619 showing a red beanie with web detail and black hat with ears. Both hats come down over the kids eyes and have cut outs - so they are part hat and part mask

Super Hero Hats for intermediate knitters. These hats are fun to knit and even more fun to wear. The band can be folded down to create a mask or folded back for a regular beanie. 


Image of cover of Sirdar crochet pattern 2620 - easy crochet super hero masks in three designs

Alter Ego Masks that are easy to crochet. Choose from three designs in one size. These are deceptively simple to crochet so are perfect for beginners. There are web and bat themed designs as well as one to bring out your inner Hulk. But, you can get creative and change the colour themes to match any of your favourite super heroes. 

Summer Cuteness for Babies

 Moving away from the super hero theme, there are a couple of too cute summer outfits for babies. The first pattern is knitted in DK yarn and the rainbow design is 4 ply. And, believe it or not, both are easy knit designs, so they are ideal for beginners and knitters with less experience.

Image of cover of Sirdar knitting pattern showing a young baby wearing a knitted shorts and vest set. Knitted in pink DK yarn with contrast green, yellow and orange trim and a stripey love heart motif on the front

Summer Days Shorts Set that is easy to knit in DK yarn. The pattern includes two designs - the love heart in the picture and a sunshine motif. I love the colour combo in this design, but you could knit in two colours or any combination of your choice. The Sunshine design includes stripes of colour around the bottom of the vest. This is a great introduction to the intarsia technique for multi-colour knitting.


Image of cover of Sirdar knitting pattern showing a young baby wearing a sweater and shorts knitted set featuring a rainbow with pom pom detail on the front

Rainbow Babe Shorts Suit that is easy to knit in beautiful 4 ply yarn. The rainbow is added using Swiss darning, so the sweater is knitted in plain stocking stitch. The pom poms are optional details you add at the end. This is a simple knit and looks great with the contrasting bands. You could knit the sweater on its own, without the shorts, but the whole outfit looks super cute!